Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

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Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom: A Descent into the Deep

Many years after merging seven kingdoms, Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa) cannot manage to balance his life as Aquaman with that on the surface. He is supported by Mera (Amber Heard), though there are murmurs about a looming danger coming from the sea.

All fueled by hatred for Aquaman, Black Manta (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) has now grown stronger. He gets hold of an unknowable object that would upset the fragile equilibrium between Atlantis and land.

Simultaneously, a mysterious message emerges, hinting at a legendary submerged city that predates Atlantis. It fell when some evil sorcerers disturbed peace in the waters through employing dark magic. Arthur believes Black Manta should not inherit power over this old kingdom which he fears.

Desperately seeking answers, Arthur goes to Trench ruled by King Nereus (Dolph Lundgren), its hideous leader. As an Atlantean who resents his homeland, Nereus provides him with only one clue: a key to finding the lost kingdom is somewhere in hidden Atlantean library being guarded by ancient sentinels.

Arthur finds himself together with his changed half-brother Orm (Patrick Wilson). Orm was expelled from Atlantis but remembers something of its forgotten past. Together they battle through dangerous undersea terrains teeming with mythical creatures protecting against libraries.

The truth awaits them amidst sunken remnants of what used to be a library. The magical cataclysm caused by their insatiable thirst for power destroyed Xebel – Atlantis’ sister city. This was meant as a lesson about what happened to Xebel; however, it has always been suppressed within Atlantis.

Now Black Manta suddenly bursts through its doors after having cracked its code word using the artifact’s hidden knowledge within it. In his mind it is Xebel’s forbidden magic that will only make him gain control over all oceans. In the resulting commotion, the walls of the library crumble and release an ancient force.

The chaos separates Arthur and Orm. He discovers Mera trapped under rubble and sets her free whereas Black Manta flees with his device. Arthur pursues him alongside Mera to deep inside Xebel – a city once beautifully haunted by remnants of its own dark magic.

Black Manta turns on his artifact, discharging a whirlwind of unrefined energy. The sea erupts in boiling turmoil as it reacts to this stimulus by rising up creatures from its hidden recesses. Both Arthur and Mera will fight Black Manta in a desperate struggle for their lives but none can stand up to such force.

At the very last moment before Black Manta is ready to deliver his final blow, Orm appears again. A hidden chamber lies within Xebel comprising of some rare artifacts which have been used there for ages to tame remnants of Xebel’s forbidden magic. Forgetting himself Oriom allows the energy flowing through them after redirecting it towards counterattacking Black Mantra thereby becoming responsible.

At that point when it blows-up and he is thrown back exhibiting signs of overload from too much technology, he barely escapes losing everything including his life in the crumbling town. On calmness, down go terrifying monster like creatures into the ocean floor.

Grieving for his brother lost second chance at redemption, Arthur hugs Orm’s corpse tightly against his chest. They comfort each other as they sail out together; giving full admiration to Orm who was brave enough while understanding that danger still looms ahead: Black Manta will return.

When Arthur comes back to Atlantis, he does it with sadness in his heart and a revived determination written on his face. He speaks to them about Xebel as well as the perils of uncontrolled ambition. Rather than using force, he promises that he will use this chance to understand it better and respect the delicate balance of the ocean.

At the end of the film, Arthur accompanied by Mera together with other Atlanteans go for a mission in Xebel not for its power but its secrets must be concealed. This is how a monument is put up in honor of Orm and it is a reminder his sacrifice entails. As he gazes at the vast expanse of sea, Arthur knows that his duty as protector has just begun.