Evil Dead Rise

Evil Dead Rise

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Evil Dead Rise: A Bloody Good Time (With Reservations)
Evil Dead Rise, a film directed by Lee Cronin and set to be released in April 2023, re-energizes the cult classic franchise. Although it deviates from the cabin-in-the-wood formula and lacks Raimi’s comedic approach; fans will revel in a mercilessly gory bloodbath that is aimed at bringing back their old school Evil Dead desires.

New Generation of Young People Fights Deadites

Ash Williams is not here anymore; instead, we are thrown into a setting that is modern. Estranged sisters Ellie (Alyssa Sutherland) and Beth (Lily Sullivan) find themselves trapped in a building overrun by Deadite demons summoned by a mysterious artifact. The story is simple but it provides good basis for the real focus of the movie: carnage.

Gore Gets Loose

Cronin doesn’t shy away from grotesque violence which had become series’ trademark. The practical effects are awesome with some really horrifying body horror and inventive dismemberment. The film balances its absurdity with moments that are both gross and funny (if you have a warped sense of humor).

Family Business (In A Way)

The chemistry between the two sisters stands out as one of its strengths. Sutherland makes an interesting transition from concerned sibling to bad ass Deadite slayer. Though underdeveloped supporting cast members they were cannon fodder for demonic mayhem.

Fast Paced,No Room For Breaks

The film puts more emphasis on action rather than suspense or character development. There were no intervals between murders making pacing momentous. Some viewers could find this thrilling while others might consider it too draining without any suspense being built up.

History Repeating Itself?

This film pays homage to earlier Evil dead movies through smart allusions and familiar imagery. But it does not rely completely on sentimentality or such like things alone. Collating his own stylish touches, particularly in genuinely eerie dream sequences, is something Cronin has done.


Evil Dead Rise embraces the spirit of the franchise and remains a gory action packed joy ride. Though it does not have the originality or hilariousness of the earlier movies, it brings in a new perspective with plenty of blood-soaked fun for its fanatics.


For those who are huge fans of Evil Dead series, and want an unending gore-fest with some dark comedy, then this movie is worth checking out. However, if you prefer more character-driven horror stories, tense suspenseful moments or lighter tone then maybe you should pass on this film.