Gretel & Hansel (Fantasy/Horror)

Movie Info:

Gretel, a headstrong young woman, and her younger brother Hansel are forced to leave their starving home and venture into the dark forest. Guided by an unseen force, they stumble upon a seemingly idyllic cottage, owned by a kind old woman.

The woman welcomes them in and offers a warm meal and a place to stay. However, unease creeps in as Gretel notices strange symbols and the woman’s odd behavior. At night, she witnesses the woman consuming a glowing liquid, and the playful facade crumbles.

Gretel discovers the woman is a powerful witch who preys on children. With Hansel in danger, Gretel must use her quick wit and resourcefulness to survive. She delves into the secrets of the forest, uncovering a dark magic connected to the witch.

As the siblings fight for their lives, the lines between reality and nightmare blur. Gretel confronts the witch in a terrifying showdown, wielding her newfound knowledge and courage. The forest itself becomes a character, with hidden dangers and unexpected allies. Gretel & Hansel is a dark twist on the classic fairytale, where survival hinges on outsmarting a cunning evil.