Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

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A Review of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3: A Raucous Rocket Ride

James Gunn’s triumphant comeback to the Guardian of the Galaxy franchise was an equal portion hilarious cosmic romp and unexpectedly moving sucker punch. “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3” found our misfit gang – still smarting from Gamora’s Endgame sacrifice – embarking on a fresh venture that pushed them back into their respective pasts and made them fight for the life of one among their own.

The film thrives in its signature blend of humor and heart. Jokes are delivered like bullets, with Drax always ready with a quote, while Rocket provides sarcasm. Yet, underneath those jokes there is an ocean full of feelings. Quill mourns Gamora very painfully; this movie does not dance around the frailty hidden beneath his act tough attitude.

One major strength of this film is its effort to explore Rocket’s origin story. These scenes, however, are shockingly emotional conveyed through seamless flashbacks that merge into present narrative. We see part of Rocket’s past as him being a tortured lab experiment which brings some depth and pathos to this gruff raccoon. Bradley Cooper’s voice performance here is truly remarkable as he captures rocket’s fury and loneliness without filters.

Other members also have their share of limelight too. Zoe Saldana returning as another variant of Gamora battles her identity while grappling with previous choices she has made in her life before now. Drax played by Dave Bautista has all his usual physical humor plus moments where we can see vulnerable side though surprising in his character portrayal too Nebula (Karen Gillan) continues her character arc by becoming more assertive and confident within the group.

Gunn’s style is break-neck and fun, perfectly mirroring frenzied nature behind guardians’ actions As far as action sequences go, they were marvelous; stuck out visually with creative alien beings, and imaginative space wars. Soundtrack, being a crucial factor in any Guardians movie, still remains as one of the highlights. New songs blend smoothly together with old hits from prior films to keep the mood nostalgic and hype high.

Nevertheless, there are some downsides to this movie. The plot is somewhat less focused than in the previous movies though it does serve its purpose alright. The villain while intimidating lacks the same charm as Ronan or Ego did . Also, sometimes there are a few characters that seemed underdeveloped due to having too many people.

However, these slight missteps do not matter when compared to how fabulous” “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3” was on all fronts. It is a film that celebrates friendship’s power; underscores importance of selected kinship relations; also shows us how sorrow may be surmounted. With an ending which is bitter-sweet yet hopeful enough, it appears like a perfect culmination for their journey so far.

This is what the film does well and poorly:


Some portions of the film are funny while others have been timed perfectly.

There are instances in which it gets surprisingly touching; think Rocket, for example.

Think Gamora and Rocket character arcs as some of the best developed among others.

The action scenes are incredibly intense and there are really breath-taking visuals too.

The score matches the mood of the movie greatly as well!


It’s felt pointless compared to other prequels

The villain didn’t become likeable

Undeveloped characters sometimes occur because of a big cast

All in all, “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3” is a must-see for MCU fans and those who love Guardians. This riotous, nice flick is an amazing mix that confirms that this strange bunch has many more tales to tell.