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Here’s a breakdown of the two most popular “Hellraiser” films:

Hellraiser (1987): A Classic of Horror

In 1987, Clive Barker directed the Hellraiser film which is often regarded as a masterpiece in horror. It’s the movie which first told us about Cenobites who are evil creatures from a world of suffering and a box with puzzles that open doors to their realm.


Originality: The whole Lament Configuration puzzle box and Cenobites concept was really new and scary.

Practical Effects: It used practical effects extensively to put forward a horrifying atmosphere.

Performances: Doug Bradley’s portrayal of Pinhead, leader of the Cenobites, was hauntingly iconic. Exploration into Desire and Punishment: This movie explores forbidden desires and what happens when you cross certain boundaries.


Slow Pacing: There some viewers may consider the pacing of this film slow especially in its opening act.

Acting (outside of Pinhead): While Bradley gave an exceptional performance; there was however, some other acting that seemed too melodramatic.

Overall: In conclusion, “Hellraiser”(1987) despite several weak points can be considered as one of the most significant movies in horror ever. Its originality, disturbing visual images along with exploration of very dark themes make it an obligatory watch for any fanatics about horrors.

Hellraiser (2022): A Modern Reimagining

This “Hellraiser” came out in 2022 as a restart for the franchise. However, this one has another approach centered on this young woman named Riley getting in touch with the puzzle box. Strengths:

Stylish Visuals: The special effects were impressive making it a stylish modern looking film.

Focus on Cenobites: This movie goes deeper into mythology regarding cenobites


Lack of Originality:The core concepts come off as derivative from the original film.

Less Gore and Practical Effects: The 2022 film involved more CGI which may not resonate with fans of the original who prefer practical effects.

Character Development: Some viewers might find the characters underdeveloped.

Overall: The 2022 Hellraiser is a good remake, but it does not have the same level of originality and horror as the classic one from 1987.


If you are searching for a truly frighteningly new horror, go for Hellraiser (1987). Alternatively, if one has seen the first one and wants to see it in a modern way, then proceed on to this other film made in 2022 although one should keep his or her expectations low.