Insidious: The Red Door

Insidious: The Red Door

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Insidious: The Red Door – A Descent into Familiar Territory
Insidious: The Red Door is the fifth part of the Insidious franchise, which came out in 2023. It follows a similar pattern to its predecessors. Although it contains some frights and continues the Lambert family’s battle with ‘The Further’, it lacks the originality and scares of earlier films.

Back into The Further

Directed by Patrick Wilson (who also reprises his role as Josh Lambert), this movie depicts how Josh and Dalton, his son, cope with college challenges. Inevitably though, evil spirits from ‘The Further’ return to haunt them. This time around, there is a greater exploration into Josh’s past and an enigmatic red door; the door being the focus of this film.

Mixed Scares

Some of these are jump scares that you expect from this franchise while others are just generally creepy moments like that one involving MRI machine; actually there were several such scenes in “Insidious: Chapter 2”. Many people have become accustomed to these types of fear-inducing mechanisms after watching numerous previous movies.

Burdened by Tradition

“The Red Door” does not reach up to the spine-chilling ambience and innovative scares set forth by its first two films. In fact, its storyline is somewhat repetitive as it has been expounded before on notions like hereditary descendants or former atrocities committed against loved ones. Conversely, allusions made in relation to other movies appear synthetic as if their makers were trying hard to reclaim their previous fame.

Another Generation Takes Control

Elise Rainier remains reliable through Lin Shaye but we meet new characters especially Dalton’s friends at college who act as a symbol for a new generation introduced in this film. Although these actors bring some life into things they tend not be developed well thereby making them look like monsters with only one side.

Final Thoughts

For fans loyal enough to demand another trip into ‘The Further,’ Insidious: The Red Door might do the trick. However, it does not have the uniqueness and genuine scares that were embedded in earlier films. People who have never watched these movies should start with the first two.


For ardent Insidious fans who may wish to know what comes next in the Lambert saga, “The Red Door” can be a good choice. Though if you want an original and truly scary horror experience, there are better options for you here.