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“Kadosh,” a film directed by Amos Gitai in 1999, delves into the lives of two sisters, Rivka and Malka, living in Jerusalem’s ultra-Orthodox Jewish community of Mea Shearim. The movie portrays their struggles with societal and religious expectations.

Rivka (Yaël Abecassis) is married to Meir (Yoram Hattab), a devoted and respected member of their community. Despite their deep love for each other, Rivka and Meir are childless after ten years of marriage. This infertility becomes a source of anguish, especially as Meir faces pressure from religious leaders to divorce Rivka and marry someone who can bear him children. Rivka’s quiet suffering and dedication to her faith are heart-wrenching, as she grapples with her role as a wife and woman in this restrictive environment.

Malka (Meital Barda), Rivka’s younger sister, is forced into an arranged marriage with Yossef (Uri Klauzner), a fervent believer and authoritarian figure. Malka, however, is in love with Yaakov (Sami Hori), who has left the religious community and lives a secular life. Torn between her desires and familial duty, Malka’s story highlights the conflict between tradition and personal freedom.

The film’s poignant exploration of faith, love, and identity is enriched by its authentic portrayal of the ultra-Orthodox community’s customs and rituals. Director Amos Gitai’s nuanced storytelling and the powerful performances by the cast bring to life the emotional and spiritual turmoil faced by the characters.

“Kadosh” is a stark, moving narrative that sheds light on the sacrifices made in the name of religion and tradition, and the silent resilience of women bound by their faith. It’s a poignant commentary on the struggle between personal desires and religious obligations, making it a thought-provoking piece of cinema.