Star Wars: Rogue Squadron

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron

Movie Info:

Galaxy still has embers of Death Star destruction. Rebel Alliance is emboldened but insecure because it is facing a damaged Empire. It’s at this critical time that “Star Wars: Rogue Squadron” comes into play.

Victory and Loss:

While the attack destroys a large part of the Empire’s capacity for ship building, it is costly. Backdraft, who is hauntingly guilty of his carelessness during their first outing, sacrifices himself to save others so that they can escape from the falling junkyard.

A New Dawn:

The movie ends in a bittter sweet celebration for Rogue Squadron’s fallen heroes. The rest are war-bonded pilots as well as that which symbolizes an indomitable spirit of rebellion – till after death! They know there’s much more to be done yet they remain firm in upholding what their comrades fought for and ensuring that future generations have something to look forward to.

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron is not simply about awesome space fights or dogfights with flashy lights. It is about friendships established through difficulties faced together; the good cause always involves losses, including human lives; and being brave enough to fight against all odds until the end for liberation.