The Batman

The Batman

Movie Info:

Batman by Matt Reeves, is not just another superhero movie. Crime thriller in its own right it treads a dark path into Gotham city’s depths and reveals personality of Batman that is still evolving as he fights crime. It lasts for almost three hours making it a must-see film that deserves one’s attention due to its deep exploration of personal life of Dark Knight and the evil conspiracy which brought down the city.

Shadow Fury

Robert Pattinson does an amazing job as Bruce Wayne who has turned into a reclusive billionaire motivated by revenge. This is no longer the playboy image previously used. Unlike the other on-screen Batmen, however, Bruce has gone through lots of suffering because he saw his parents murdered when he was little and now focuses all his anger on vengeance. First and foremost, he is nothing more than a detective who silently sneaks around the streets where there are numerous crimes being committed while hiding behind darkness. The film thrives aesthetically from this detective noir atmosphere with long shots sinking deep into Gotham’s filth and decay giving an impression of helplessness intertwined with foreboding terror.

Reincarnation of Rogues Gallery

Paul Dano plays The Riddler in a manner quite different from what we have been used to; this Riddler is not your typical showy villain but rather a sadistic serial killer responsible for leaving cryptic messages to Batman such that each killing forms part of larger puzzle whose pieces fit together quite uncomfortably. It would be right to say that Dano’s portrayal was disturbing even though his whispering voice made your skin crawl. Furthermore, some familiar faces among existing villains also make appearance in this movie albeit being reimagined to create a more realistic tone for it. Colin Farrell looks completely different when playing horribly ugly Oswald Cobblepot whilst Zoe Kravitz adds her feline charm mixed with moral ambiguity to Selina Kyle/Catwoman here. Each character seems well-developed, and they all fit into the tangled net of corruption that surrounds Gotham.

A City Drowned in Sleaze

The strength of The Batman is the way it examines how deeply rooted the problems are in Gotham. Reeves does not shy away from displaying a city that breeds crime, where rot infiltrates every aspect of its political and social world. As Batman goes on discovering more about this clandestine scheme, he realizes that even Gotham’s very own upper class is responsible for some lies which cannot be easily unveiled. This work of art comments on society thus giving super-hero movie more significance as it feels real thereby making its victories bittersweet.

An Extravaganza for Your Senses

Gorgeous cinematography accompanies The Batman. Greig Fraser makes Gotham look as if it is constantly evening with flickering neon lights and wet streets creating a melancholic atmosphere around it. Michael Giacchino composed an amazing score to accompany this dark film and provide action with urgency. The choreography is brutal but also slow and graceful, demonstrating instead of telling the audience who exactly Batman is while he fights in such a realistic manner.

A New Generation’s Batman

The Batman does have some imperfections however; some audiences may feel like its runtime is too long, and although Pattinson gives a good performance as Bruce Wayne his emotional story could have been further developed. Be that as it may, these are all trivial points compared to everything else that this film accomplishes. An anguished individual’s psychological portraits lurked inside these pages while underneath these seemingly superficial plots there always lay something much deeper – festering wounds within our own corrupt cities or towns that need healing urgently before things turn worse than ever before in history can ever become better again for anyone among us no matter who they might be or what their background looks like.”

The Final Decision

The Batman is a triumph of mood, thespianship, as well as cinematography. Dissimilar to other films in its category, it is a superhero movie that ventures into dark and meditative inquiries about retribution, law and the mightiness of fear. It is a trendy film that makes you ask why evil has to be accompanied by good and why power infringes on responsibility which sticks with viewers long past the final rolling down of credits after leaving you questioning such conflicting matters. The movie The Batman regardless whether one is an avid fun or just came across Gotham’s world for the first time like me; it should strictly be watched on big screen though.