The Matrix Resurrections

The Matrix Resurrections

Movie Info:

After sixty years, humanity is once again imprisoned in the Matrix. In a world like this, we meet Thomas Anderson, an average looking computer game programmer tormented by nightmares that are uncomfortably vivid. In one of these dreams, there’s a woman with blue hair and Neo fights against machines. He is not aware that he is being haunted with fragments from his previous life as Neo who was known as the One.

Together with Smith, his associate and bosom friend who however remains extremely mysterious throughout their relationship, Thomas envisions a new trilogy for video games based on them. The line between what is real and fictional becomes hazy in the Matrix games.

Dr Raison prescribes blue pills to Thomas during therapy sessions to control his troublesome dreams. Not knowing doctor’s secret goal of maintaing him docile and plugged back into the Matrix; Dr Raison hands over such tablets.

Thomas comes across rebels one day – Bugs (the girl), fearless captain Morpheus (a digital recreation of original Morpheus) and a new exile Sequoia. They think he is Neo, who once saved humanity from this predicament. However, he hesitates to believe their story; instead he remains loyal to the safety net he has created around himself.

The matrix has evolved according to Bugs. The Machines have gathered his remaining powers leaving him powerless permanently scared of another Neo who they used to make more secure system than before. This later matrix is softer lure filled with comfort and ignorance rather than being aggressive as its predecessor was. There’s also Trinity but she doesn’t remember her own past existence.

The rebels argue about it being Neo’s love for Trinity which can bring down everything here at last? They manage to unplug him from the Matrix but are left with a debilitated man who has lost faith in himself.

In the real world ravaged by perpetual war between humans and machines, a barren wasteland, Thomas goes through physical training and brain exercises to awake his latent abilities. He is caught between self-doubt and the fear of letting humanity down once more.

Earlier in the Matrix, Bugs attempts to reach Trinity. As Tiffany, she is a married woman with children leading an ordinary life. Through system glitches and cryptic messages, Bugs tries to jog her memory.

The film explores the theme of free will and choice. Live an easy illusion or face the harsh truth? The seductive control here takes form of a powerful program called The Analyst who governs this iteration of the Matrix. He gives Thomas a chance to go back into his comfortable world full of illusions while forgetting about everything else including being the One burdened by this knowledge.

As Neo becomes stronger again and remembers how much he loves Trinity he decides that he must go back to save her. Neo re-enters the Matrix in order to confront both; thye Analyst as well as his newly formed Emotion Programs which manipulate people’s feelings.

Neo’s final battle against agents constitutes some electrifying action with lots of bullet-time effects as well as acrobatic moves that are typical for him. However, the true battle is actually about Trinity: if she would choose her constructed comfort zone or accept her actual origins in reality?

Bitter sweet is the movie’s resolution. Neo and Trinity are able to escape from the Matrix at a price. The analyst’s power is weakening, which makes it possible for human beings to hope to struggle for freedom. As a result, the end does not make people know what will happen next but rather instills in them a sense of new rebellion as well as love that can subdue even highly intricate control mechanisms.