The Nun 2

The Nun 2

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Absolutely, here’s a review of The Nun 2:

The Nun II: Familiar Frights Return

Entitled “The Nun II” and directed by Michael Chaves, it was released in September 2023 and sees Valak return as a demon that torments people once again. The picture’s chilling atmosphere and some scary scenes are features of the initial film, but it does not have anything fresh to offer for a sequel.

Going Back Home

Sister Irene (played by Taissa Farmiga) has just been reunited with Valak at this time. This time around, the evil of the demon nun extends into a French convent dating back to 1956. Returning amongst others is Jonas Bloquet while other characters like Storm Reid and Anna Popplewell are introduced. Among them is Farmiga, who portrays Sister Irene’s unflagging faith committed towards her cause.

Chills and Atmosphere

Chaves employs suspenseful cinematography and dark gothic settings to create an eerie ambiance throughout the movie. Sound design also deserves mention for its use of silence broken only by startling noise bursts. The film provides true moments of creepiness, especially when dealing with Valak’s demonic roots.

Formulaic Feel

However, “The Nun II” seems predictable though. In terms of plot development; there is a similarity between it and its previous version since they both focus on jump scares and demonic possession themes alike. Although still effective in certain contexts, these elements seemed exhausted after their first usage in the original movie’s core scares.

Expanding the Conjuring Universe

This feature adds a little more history to horror franchise called The Conjuring Universe. It explores Valak mythos more deeply than before suggesting her ancient background as a demon . Perhaps this will be interesting for fans who want to see a wider context where all events take place.


For those who liked the first one, “The Nun II” might be an average follow-up choice . It reminds you of what the first one was about and offers some good performances. However, it lacks originality in terms of plot and its predictability is a turn off to some viewers.


You can give “The Nun II” a try if you enjoyed the scares in the first Nun film and are a fan of the Conjuring Universe. However, if what you want is a fresh new horror experience, this may not be your best bet.