Transformers: Rise of the Beasts

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts

Movie Info:

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts is a middling chapter in the Transformers saga, which nostalgically returns to the cherished Beast Wars era. This movie tries to have a more concentrated story and better visuals as opposed to the previous ones that were under Michael Bay’s supervision but fails to replicate its past glory or create an appealing fresh path.

The movie is about a new pair of humans: Noah (Anthony Ramos), a broke inventor living in Brooklyn in 1994, and Elena (Dominique Fishback), a brilliant archaeology student who has been alienated from her classmates. They accidentally stumble upon Optimus Prime and the Autobots who are trying to prevent some rogue Predacons from obtaining an ancient object that can change history. The Maximals, league of Autobots that transforms into animals assisting the cunning Scorponok leading Predacons, further complicates matters by creating alliances and rivalries.

One of the key aspects of this film is its narrowed down approach with respect to characters. Human element – often weak point of previous Transformers movies – feels more integrated here. Noah’s optimism and Elena’s hunger for information gives a relatable ground amid robotic chaos. The banter between these two characters makes their dynamic interestingly hilarious.

However, this also brings out a weakness in script’s handling of human beings. Their backstories seem not fully developed while sometimes their motivations are overshadowed by bigger robot battles. Even though their individual journeys merge with those taking place among Transformers’, there is something lacking in human aspect that does not reach its desired emotional depth.

Of course, real stars here are Transformers themselves; especially when Maximals like noble ape Optimus Primal and wisecracking cheetah Cheetor are introduced into this franchise receiving fresh breaths again. Generally speaking CGI for transformations and fights leave much to be desired as compared to haphazard fightings of Bay era since most scenes were tracked well enough.

This movie also deserves to be mentioned for its nostalgic spirit that it brings along. With the setting of 1990s, there is a lot of fun with throwbacks on music, fashion and pop culture. The thrill in seeing Brooklyn Bridge as a war zone among giant robots is one only fans who grew up with the franchise can understand.

But, are there any drawbacks in “Rise of the Beasts?” The storyline is more focused but it seems predictable to some extent. The villain, Scorponok, does not possess the depth observed in other Transformers movies’ antagonists. His reason for revenge is quite common and his defeat smells too much like formulaic design.

Also, sometimes this film falls back on some of those tired tropes that have dogged this franchise. This is reliance on loud explosions and generic CGI spectacle – moments which feel more like a tip of the hat to Bay than real creative choices.

This is a review of the strengths and weaknesses of the movie:


A leaner narrative with a smaller cast

Exciting human characters specifically main leads

The introduction of Maximals brings something new to Transformer mythology

Great CGI and improved action sequences

Nostalgic 90s setting filled with fun.


Predictable storyline coupled with normal antagonists

More development needed for human characters

Sometimes fall into familiar animated flick pitfalls.

Overall, “Transformers: Rise of the Beasts” represents another decent entry in the Transformers series; however, it’s far from being considered as awe-inspiring or exceptional. It has clearer storytelling and visual coherence as compared to Michael Bay films though it still has not reached a level where best moments can be mentioned. Those who loved Beast Wars era or just want an interesting summer blockbuster full of nostalgia will definitely find something enjoyable about it. However fans looking for groundbreaking or emotionally rich Transformer saga will be disappointed here.