Tsunami Beach Club

Tsunami Beach Club

Movie Info:

Jorgensen, a jaded insurance adjuster from Iowa, finds himself in sunny Los Angeles investigating a string of bizarre deaths. All the victims, young and seemingly healthy, clutched an invitation to the enigmatic Tsunami Beach Club – a place that doesn’t appear on any map.

Driven by a strange mix of curiosity and a nagging suspicion, Jorgensen delves deeper. He meets Marty, a survivor of a supposed Tsunami Beach Club incident, her mind fractured by the ordeal. Her cryptic ramblings hint at a place of hedonism and violence, a playground for the wealthy and depraved that leaves no trace.

As Jorgensen gets closer, the danger escalates. He uncovers a web of corruption, where powerful figures use the club as a front for their twisted desires. The line between reality and illusion blurs as Jorgensen questions his own sanity. Is the Tsunami Beach Club a real place, or a figment of the victims’ manipulated minds?

With his life on the line, Jorgensen confronts the masterminds behind the club. A desperate fight for survival ensues, leaving Jorgensen to decide – expose the truth and risk becoming another victim, or walk away and let the darkness consume its prey.