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Uncharted: A Treasure Trove of Fun, or a Video Game Cash-Grab?

Arriving in 2022 as the cinematic adaptation of the popular video game series on PlayStation, Uncharted was met with mixed feelings. Can a franchise famous for its action-packed movie scenes be successful when translated onto the big screen? The answer, like Nathan Drake’s hidden booty, is not so simple.

A Familiar (and Sometimes Fumbled) Formula

The story follows young Nathan Drake (Tom Holland), a bartender with historical sense and an affinity to trouble. He is recruited by veteran treasure hunter Victor Sullivan (Mark Wahlberg) to assist in recovering lost fortune of Ferdinand Magellan. However, there are others like Santiago Moncada (Antonio Banderas) who has merciless mercenaries that stand on their way because they feel it is their due share.

Mostly borrowing from the games such as Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. This approach may look repetitive to new entrants but usual to gamers. So typically predictable is the plot with twists that only sometimes raise an eyebrow. It heavily concentrates on actions like car chases, shootouts and stunts that defy death, undeniably entertaining scenes though some overuse computer-generated imagery resulting into lightness and detachment from danger.

Casting Choices: Hit and Miss

Tom Holland brings his trademark charm to Nathan Drake. Nonetheless, Holland plays him far more innocent than the one found in the game version and this has alienated fans especially those who identify themselves with his witty arrogance. Meanwhile Mark Wahlberg puts forward an impressive performance as Sully. He captures well the character’s aged experience and fatigued mentorship thereby contrasting neatly with Holland’s youthful excitement.

Supporting cast lacks consistency. Antonio Banderas hams it up playing Moncada but there are no real depths or motivations within this character. Sophia Ali’s amazing performance as Chloe Frazer, a treasure hunter with unknown past, is closer to that of the game and gives a hint of how much more it could have been if the adaptation had been more loyal.

A Treasure Hunt for Fans? Not Quite.

From Nathan’s signature ring to references about certain game scenes, the movie does make some allusions for attentive fans. Yet these appear to be more for the followers than for an organic storytelling purpose. Though witty conversations, complex riddles and on-growing relationship between Drake and Sully are still there, they are not properly developed.

As such, Uncharted does capture the spirit of adventure present in the games but fails to translate its emotional core intact. The action may be fast paced; however, it lacks weightiness or consequences like those that made video game characters so vulnerable.

Is Uncharted Worth Watching?

Ultimately whether you appreciate Uncharted will depend on your expectations. If you want a popcorn flick featuring flashy stunts and an appealing cast then you won’t be disappointed. However, if you’re a die-hard fan of the video games, you might be left wanting more depth and a more faithful translation of the source material.

Below is an analysis of the movie’s strengths and weaknesses:


Fun and full of adventure

Good camaraderie between Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg

Stunning action scenes

Allusions and hidden features for lovers


The plot is too predictable.

CGIs are excessively used.

Characters seem shallow compared to the games.

It lacks the soul and humor that existed in the original material.

Generally, Uncharted is a decent yet non-memorable action flick. You might be left desiring for the lost treasure of a more satisfying movie experience.