Bag of Lies

Bag of Lies

Movie Info:

Matt, a stoic college history professor, watches his wife Sarah succumb to a relentless form of bone cancer. Desperation clouds his normally logical mind. In a smoky, late-night bar, a stranger offers a solution: a black, unassuming bag rumored to possess ancient healing powers. The price? Three rules: don’t speak to it, don’t look at it, and don’t touch it.

Back home, Matt performs the ritual, his love for Sarah overriding his skepticism. He seals the bag in a locked closet, a constant shadow in the corner of his vision. As promised, Sarah’s health miraculously improves. Yet, a creeping dread replaces Matt’s initial relief. Strange occurrences plague the house – flickering lights, unsettling whispers, and the unsettling feeling of being watched. Matt suspects the bag, but breaking the rules could unravel their fragile hope.

Sarah, oblivious, regains her strength. Her cheerfulness grates on Matt, who becomes withdrawn and paranoid. The line between reality and delusion blurs. Is the bag manipulating him, or is the guilt of his actions driving him mad? He confides in a colleague, who dismisses it as stress. Isolated and desperate, Matt breaks the first rule, whispering a question to the silent bag. The answer is a horrifying rasp, confirming his worst fears.

Torn between saving Sarah and his own sanity, Matt makes a desperate choice. The climax is a chilling showdown, forcing him to confront the bag’s true nature and the terrible cost of his actions. Will Matt save his wife or succumb to the bag’s malevolent influence? “Bag of Lies” is a suspenseful exploration of love, loss, and the price we pay for defying the natural order.