Halloween Ends

Halloween Ends

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Halloween Ends: A Foul Ball of a Swing

David Gordon Green’s “Halloween Ends” (2022) is the final installment in his trilogy that started with its direct sequel in 2018 and the brutal movie “Halloween Kills” (2021). This ending tries something huge. In it, he explores themes of evil and trauma along with the obligatory slasher thrills. However, the outcome is mixed bag for audiences as it gives rise to some intriguing ideas which do not fully come together.

During these years Laurie Strode’s last fight with Michael Myers, when Laurie Strode was an old woman a few years ago who has been running away from him for so long. Living with her granddaughter Allyson (Andi Matichak), she now tries to move on and eventually confronts the fear that has been haunting her since decades ago. Corey Cunningham (Rohan Campbell), one such boy, arrived in town recently. He used to be accused of murdering a child whom he was babysitting at the time. His presence shunned by Haddonfield where Michael had once terrorized for ever.

It is bold to center on Corey like this. Through Corey’s transformation into a beast, Green returns us to re-examine how fear and societal exclusion can breed monsters among men. We watch Corey’s fall with understanding since his wrath and isolation mirrors that of Michael Myers’. However, this theme analysis diverts useful time intended for characters like Laurie and Michael who are central in this franchise but remain wasted screen seconds creating a feeling of missed opportunities towards their long struggle towards each other.

The acting is solid here too while Curtis portrays an exhausted but determined Laurie who’s finally deciding to deal with what she went through emotionally, Campbell brings out raw emotion in Corey that make his change believable; Kyle Richards as Lindsey-her friend—also does well though underused.

Another strength of this film lies within its visuals. By using a subdued color palette, Green has managed to reflect the emotional barrenness of Haddonfield. The camerawork is often disconcerting, pushing viewers into the path of danger. In the few moments when people are killed in these films they are pretty graphic and memorable; hence reminding us that Green knows about Jason’s slasher heritage.

However, “Halloween Ends” does not quite nail its story execution. Some parts feel slow due to their focus on Corey’s inner struggles but others may find that pacing uneven. What exactly ties Corey to Michael Myers’ larger plot remains underdeveloped thereby confusing some readers. On the other hand, this final clash is suspenseful without carrying any emotional consequence as expected from such an end-of-the-world battle between original characters.

The film’s ending is perhaps its most divisive element. Without giving away anything, it completely defies expectations of a normal slasher movie plotline. Though there may be some who will appreciate what it tries to do in terms of flipping the script around, others could find themselves disappointed since it may not give them sufficient release from those feelings.

In conclusion, “Halloween Ends,” which was released in October 2022 according to Tomatometer ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, attempts too much but falls short as a result of poor storytelling and characterization choices for audiences looking forward to more than just scares or gore effects in horror flicks like this one . Understanding if you liked how everything wraps up will depend upon whether or not you found this finale bold or baffling in any way at all: either case would determine your overall enjoyment level though many might suggest that it was predictable enough; therefore everyone could anticipate certain things happening sooner than later! “Halloween Ends” ultimately takes aim at grandeur thus offering something with lots of themes behind it but fails miserably by falling sort regarding connection throughout all points intended upon by this director during this entire trilogy.