Meet Cute

Meet Cute

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Meet Cute: A Time Travel Rom-Com Stuck in Repeat

In 2022, Kaley Cuoco and Pete Davidson starred in a rom-com, “Meet Cute,” that adopted a familiar concept; it is about an unplanned love that turns into something big only this time around; the approach was made science fiction by putting it in a time-traveling tanning bed. The film is striving to make we all wonder from the first sight of it but after watching till the end one gets disappointed apart from being oscillating between dark humor and disturbing obsession.

Sheila (Cuoco), depressed and suicidal woman, discovers something quite odd – at a nail salon lies a solarium which serves as time machine with its window restricted to 24 hours. This becomes her way of dealing with things. What she does is focus on an ideal date night with Gary (Davidson), who happens to be an offbeat guy she meets in a bar. She uses this device to relive her date again and again trying each time to give Gary different personality traits or change his past so he becomes her perfect man.

The biggest issue of this movie is Sheila’s obsession gone wrong. As hilarious as the initial resets might be, there are hadly any funny moments within them. Cuoco does justice to role by adding manic energy and desperation as well as portraying vividly Sheila’s bipolarity. However, motivation for the character remains ambiguous; does she truly love Gary or just wants to control some aspects of life going southwards?

The science fiction aspect lacks depth even though it is appealing. For example, mechanics behind the operation of this tan-bed have never been explained while consequences arising from manipulation of history have not been fully addressed either. Instead of investigating ethical difficulties raised by Sheila’s acts more seriously, the film takes a somewhat superficial view.

We see hints of a more powerful story waiting to be told. The film does talk about self-acceptance, mental health struggles and the importance of connection. Nonetheless, these issues are tinged by repetitive nature of its plot and uncomfortable relationship exhibited between Sheila and Gary.

Davidson’s acting is a bit off at times . Some instances show that his unique deadpan humor works well with Gary’s role while Alex fails to have depth in this character as well. He becomes just an object manipulated by Sheila without any real power over his life. It is difficult to find a genuine emotional link between the main characters in this movie so their “romance” remains unreal.

The limited setting was directed adequately by Alex Lehmann. Most of the scenes were shot within a bar, which was their joint place for eating out, and Sheila’s room with most conversations taking place between actors or actresses starring here. The pacing remains brisk in view of editing; however, eventually the monotonous storyline takes its toll.

“Meet Cute” comes off as a wasted opportunity. A fascinating premise and talented cast deserved improved writing and more sensitive exploration on these key themes. This movie can be appealing to fans of dark humor or unconventional romantic comedies but for general population, repetitive plot with disturbing dynamics between leading people will not attract them.

If you are looking for an intellectually engaging sci-fi romance peppered with funny moments then you might want to skip “Meet Cute.”Still if you feel like checking out something that has taken a seriously dark twist from good old romantic comedy formula it can definitely worth giving it a try though do not expect too much from it as well considering what has previously been said above about repetition as well as discomforting relation between two main heroes involved in all those changes.”