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Estelle, a talented airline pilot, seemingly has it all: a successful career and a loving doctor husband, Guillaume. Their picture-perfect life takes a sharp turn when Estelle encounters Ana, a photographer, in an airport. This chance meeting reignites a passionate affair from twenty years ago.

Estelle is consumed by a whirlwind of emotions. Rekindled love battles with the guilt of jeopardizing her seemingly perfect life. As the affair intensifies, Estelle experiences disturbing visions, blurring the lines between reality and her desires. Is it a manifestation of her guilt or something more sinister?

Guillaume, oblivious at first, grows suspicious of Estelle’s erratic behavior. The idyllic facade crumbles as Estelle’s mental state deteriorates. Is Estelle having a psychotic break, or is there a darker truth lurking beneath the surface?

Visions is a French psychological thriller that explores themes of obsession, betrayal, and the complexities of human relationships. Directed by Yann Gozlan, the film stars Diane Kruger as the conflicted Estelle, Mathieu Kassovitz as the devoted Guillaume, and Marta Nieto as the enigmatic Ana.