Cinderella’s Revenge

Cinderella's Revenge

Movie Info:

In the heart of a bustling, magical kingdom, “Cinderella’s Revenge” reimagines the classic fairytale with a dark twist. After the traditional ending where Cinderella marries Prince Charming, the story takes an unexpected turn. Cinderella (played by Emma Watson) discovers that the prince (played by Henry Cavill) is under a powerful curse, making him a puppet of a sinister sorceress named Morgana (played by Eva Green), who seeks to control the kingdom.

Determined to save her husband and protect her newfound kingdom, Cinderella trains in secret with an exiled warrior, Alaric (played by Jason Momoa), who teaches her the art of combat and ancient magic. As she becomes stronger and more skilled, she assembles a diverse group of allies, including her loyal friends from her past life: the quick-witted Gus (a talking mouse, voiced by Tom Holland), and Ella, a brave and resourceful handmaiden (played by Zendaya).

Cinderella’s journey is fraught with challenges, as she faces off against Morgana’s minions and uncovers dark secrets about her own lineage. Along the way, she learns that true strength comes from within and that love is a powerful force that can break any curse. The film culminates in an epic battle at the heart of the enchanted forest, where Cinderella confronts Morgana, risking everything to free the prince and restore peace to the kingdom.